Friday, August 28, 2015

DVD REVIEW: Miles from Tomorrowland

Miles from Tomorrowland (a very clever title, I must say) is a Disney Junior CG animated series about the futuristic Calistos family. A nuclear family with a mom, dad, son and daughter, they bring to mind several recent and classic TV shows. They remind me of The Jetsons, of course, to begin with, using phrases like “blastastic” and “astrolutely”. only they take a more active role in helping in the galaxy.

And as on Star Trek: Voyager, mom is the Captain (just like in my house). Like Thunderbirds, they receive assignments to assist and rescues, using their combined talents. Like Handy Manny, the family helps others and fixes things in their community of space. And like The Donna Reed Show’s Stone clan, they’re attractive, pleasant and free of serious dysfunction.

Olivia Munn voices Mom, Larry (Spongebob) voices Leo, the dad, with Cullen McCarthy as Miles and Fiona Bishop as Loretta, Miles’ sister. Miles rides around on a space ostrich named Merk (the amazing Dee Bradley Baker).

Each episode features two 11-minute stories, in which a mission is set up, or a fun activity, such as surfing in space, is explored. Kids are presented with role models in the form of adventurous, important Miles, and brilliant, problem solving Fiona. It’s a great concept that works well for boys and girls equally. Unlike many other Disney Junior shows, there are no songs, perhaps to skew the show a little older.

The DVD offers episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 9 from the first season. There are no bonus features, but the box contains a complimentary “Blastboard Flashlight”. Perhaps the tight budgets of DVDs nowadays means that premiums are more affordable than video extras, or quite simply these prizes have proven to have more appeal to consumers.

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